Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Soul of Black Folk

Wow, the rush of the holiday season.... People rushing to and fro to purchase gifts for the loved ones... Man, the retail industry surely must be making a killing.... The day after Christmas, some say, is the best day to go shopping. I know I like to hit the sales... There sure are a lot of people out and about... But if everyone is in such a festive mood and the reason for the season is the Prince of Peace, then why are so many black folk showing so much ATTITUDE!!! I mean, the look on their faces. I can't tell you how many people I noticed just looking mean, Just driving mean, just staring at you as if you have just come into thier turf and how dare you shop at the same store as they do. Black folk are rude. But what kills me is that we are rude to one another!! We look at each other like we want to fight. Older men look at ounger men with hate and disgust, sistahs schrunch up thier noses at the site of a man. Rude black folk walk slowly into a doorway and just stop. and when you say excuse me. they look at you like you are doing something wrong... Now, don't get me wrong, I love my people, but if we are to ever seek liberation, then we better start loving each other. What happened to common courtesy. Why are we calling each other nigga. Why do we look at one another with such suspicion and hatred?????

Even at church folks look at you like you are beneath them. If you go to this church or that church as opposed to my church then you are less than... Spiritual gangbanging. We gotta stop this mess

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