Thursday, October 29, 2009

MJ's This is It... a fitting introspect

I had the honor of being at the Red Carpet Premiere of "Michael Jackson's This is It" in Los Angeles. The Nokia Center was abuzz with papparazzi, crystal chandeliers and aerial artists as Hollywood came out to show support for this much anticipated movie.

The film is a documentary put together as Michael rehearsed for his "This is It" tour. The dates were announced in March of 2009 amid much hubbub and accolades... It would have been the King of Pop's first concert tour in over a decade and as the apt title suggests, it would be his last... This is It....

Amid a hectic schedule of rehearsals and show development, Michael suddenly passed away on June 25, 2009. "This is It" the film is a journal of behind the scenes footage at those rehearals.

As a musicoloist of sorts, I have no problem saying Michael Jackson was truly one of the greatest if not the greatest entertainer of our time. That said, the journey I experienced through the viewing of "This is It" provided me with a newfound love for the entertainment genius that was Michael Jackson. Based on what I saw, the tour would have been his greatest ever... The music was tight, the singers, dancers, visual effects..even though we view this from a rehearsal standpoint, It was clear the MJ was about to blow it up across the globe.

The film also reinforces Michael's concern for the health of our planet. a perspective finely woven into the essence of the film. He's right, we must take care of this world or it will be consumed by Man's greed for natural resources.

I was inspired, awed and impressed by the film. I loved seeing Michael in this light. He looked healthy, vibrant and still had his voice and his moves. I loved seeing a piece of the brainpower and effort that goes into a major production. I loved being reminded that Michael Jackson quite simply was and is.... THE KING OF POP!