Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Kim Davis: A Prideful Look is an abomination

So over in Kentucky, we have been hearing about the County Clerk Kim Davis who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. She refused to do so because of her spiritual beliefs. This is an interesting spiritual case. As I watched this whole drama unfold, it has caused me to deeply analyze a woman who stands on her faith. And often over these last few days I wondered how I would stand on my faith if faced with the same situation. Some would say she should resign. Perhaps. But then again perhaps not. I actually respected her for standing on her spiritual principle, however, her words and "prideful look" has since changed my analysis of her position.

I get and understand her spiritual position in the same sex marriage license situation. But I am uncomfortable with the tone and imaging of the rally after her release..... inasmuch that the Bible speaks about homosexuality and defines marriage, it also speaks about and defines humility.... imo the rally, although she has a right to be happy to get out of jail, was a display of pride.... and the LORD hates prideful looks... additionally, how did her spiritual stance get convoluted to a political grandstand..... why isn't her pastor standing by her side instead of or in addition to politicians? the lines are blurred... and folk are blinded by the thirst of notoriety.... after all the Clerk is an elected position so Kim is a politician. 

How much of this is Ministry and how much is this politics?

Just as the Christian will point out homosexuality as a sin, indeed an abomination to God, the Christian needs to point out that a proud look is also something that the LORD hates, and indeed is an abomination to Him. Kim Davis has a "proud look". You may reference Proverbs 6:16-19 and more succinctly Proverbs 16:5. Pride is an abomination to the LORD. All the images, all the sound bytes of Kim Davis as she is released from jail reflect a definite prideful look. Thus she is under sin just as much as the homosexual..... sin is sin... and takes many forms and to your point, we all will be judged by God. 

When the Bible speaks about and against homosexuality, it also includes a whole menu of sins which fall into the same category.. most will use 1 Corinthians 6:9 as their platform against homosexuality and will often stop at that verse because it ends with the word homosexual, and they will harp on it as the example of God's displeasure with the lifestyle. but it is not the end of the sentence. Verse 10 goes on to include thieves, the covetous, the drunkard, the reviler and the swindler. Further in verse 11 reminds us that there is hope of justification in Jesus.... The point is, that sin is sin. We can't judge, however we must be against all sin.. we can't judge, but we have a choice.. to live by God's law or not. And in the case of homosexuality it is against God's Law. But do I judge the homosexual? No. Do I hate the homosexual? certainly not. We should be against the sin just as we are against all of the other sins listed in the text we have quoted here. So just as vehemently as the Christian will decry homosexuality, we need to be sweeping our own front door and make sure we vehemently check any sin are subsceptible to... fornication, adultery, thievery, swindling, pride. We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.... 

Again, my post is not about judgement for God will judge us all. It is about a Christian who made a point to stand her ground based on her faith which at a certain point was quite admirable but as she emerged from the jailhouse, she wore a "prideful look". This post is questioning her prideful look. the analysis is valid... the point is clear... Her stance is one of pride.... she has secularized a spiritual position.