Wednesday, March 15, 2017

AfroPop Radio..... listen to the Podcast

For the entire year, I have been walking down this podcast road. I am having a lot of fun with it. My frequent travels to Africa have found me enthralled with the rhythms of the continent. Rhythms that deserve exposure here in the USA. Thus the birth of AfroPop Radio. It is an absolute honor to present to you, these artists who sing with a purpose.. love, liberation and higher consciousness are constant themes in African Music as well as awesome party music cuz you know we gots to shake our groove thang!!! lol!

On this episode of AfroPop Radio, we find artists like @Somi , an American born sista born to parents from Uganda and Rwanda. She taps into her Afro roots to present an awesome display of Afro-Jazz and soul. Her voice is haunting, melodic, sultry.... she is an awesome artist. We also hear from my good friend Lira who is a absolute superstar in South Africa. She is constantly at the top of the charts and is one of the judges on the South African version of The Voice.

I hope you continue to enjoy these podcasts. We're building bridges of African Music, Arts and Culture y'all!!!!

Listen to "Afro Pop Radio Show 3-14-17" on Spreaker.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

AfroPop Radio #2 - Building Bridges

I am so very happy to be in a position to share some of the best music coming out of the continent of Africa. This is the second episode from my podcast. This week you'll here a few songs that demonstrates this generation's veneration for Mother Africa. The history, the essence, the spirit. It's incredible!!

We also hear from Nigeria's siren of song Tiwa Savage. We're even taking a left turn and explore some of the more indigenous music. There's this genre called Maskandi. It hails from the Zulu traditions and sounds sort of folksy, new orleans-like. But yet, lyrically the singer is braggadocious, proud... powerful...

I hope you will continue to enjoy these podcasts. I am searching high and low for the best in African Music. hear our new shows each week on Accelerated Radio each Tuesday at 10pm.... PLUS this podcast can be heard here on my blog, on soundcloud, podomatic and many more....

Love you... Peace and Blessings

Friday, January 27, 2017

AfroPop Radio: Building a bridge of Music Arts and Culture

If you know me or follow me, then you know that I am building a bridge of music, arts and culture between Africa and America. In my travels to Africa and as a seasoned music and broadcast professional, I have found the music of Africa to be vibrant, exciting, innovative and worthy of showcasing here in the states.

I am kind of the Anthony Bourdain of African Music. I see and hear music that is incredibly dope, so I created this podcast to share this awesome music with my peeps around the world. I hope you enjoy it...
Listen to "Afro Pop Radio 1/24/17" on Spreaker.
Afropop Radio is heard each Tuesday Nite at 10pm on the Accelerated Radio Network (, You can also get it on demand on various podcasting platforms (spreaker, podomatic, iheart, just to name a few)  (  )

In the meantime, if you'd like to join me on one of my excursions to Africa, just hit me up at Afrop Tours and Travel. My next group is headed to South Africa for the Capetown International Jazz Festival. We'll be announcing another trip for later this year headed to the South Africa Traditional Music Awards....

Thanks for listening and please enjoy Afropop Radio....