Friday, March 09, 2012

Mitt Romney: Contemplations of Mormonism

I remain intrigued by the candidacy of Mitt Romney for President of the United States. My curiosity is centered on his faith. He is a Mormon. I cant help but notice that no one even whispers a protest against his faith. I mean, there are so many people questioning President Obamas faith. So then why not question Mitts faith. For many years Mormons had a consciousness of prejudice based on the belief that being black is the mark of Cain. Mormons once held that blacks could not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven because they fought against God in a heavenly war and their souls were cast down to earth doomed to a life on abasement...  Now even as the Mormons received a revelation that this perspective is not good nor true, I cant help but wonder how many Mormons still hold this belief deep in their hearts. After all, this doctrine was hammered in by pastors, elders, Sunday school teachers, parents, grandparents... everybody. Is it that easy to overturn in their hearts? I attended a high school with a fair amount of Mormons students. I participated in choir, the Madrigal singers, actually all things musical. The pianist of our choir stepped to me one day to inform me that she was a Mormon and that "your people will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven because the color of your skin is a curse from God"... I was flabbergasted. Her statement was everything against that which my momma, dad, grandma, grandpa, pastor, dads friends, cousins... shoot everybody believed with all their heart and soul. That is we are going to heaven!!! To make matters worse, the girl repeated the statement in my high school senior yearbook. I have to this day. And what of the Mormon belief in polygamy.Isn't this against the moral folkways of our nation? And in fact against the law? Wouldn't it be something if multiple wives in the Mormon tradition began to surface during Mitts quest for the Presidency? lol!! Im just saying. If the essence of ones faith is a prerequisite for the Presidency of these United States, then why not make Mitt answer questions about his Mormon religion. Are Mormons even Christian? Im just sayin... For more introspect, check out this vid I posted 4 years ago during Mitts last run for the Republican nomination