Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Well, it's a new year and folk are making resolutions to change circumstances... I'm going to excercise more.. I'm going to stop smoking... I'm going to treat my wife better or I'm going to treat my husband better.... These are good things, I guess if one really does that which he or she resolves to do.

This New Year season I have been thinking a little deeper though. I have been seeking wisdom on how to reach my dream. How do I really get to the next level... We may know that there is a wonderful plan for our lives, but somewhere along the way, our dreams have been quashed, diverted, disrupted, lost... We've given in to the dream killers and dream stealers.. you know, the playa hatas...We believe the troubles we have in our lives are barriers and are impossible to overcome. Aaccordingly, we lose sight of our dreams. We despair over the time it takes to reach our God-given dreams. Thus we've settled for less than God's best.

What is a dream? Well, let's look at what a dream is not. A dream is not a wish. (I wish I had a million dollars). A wish is a passing fancy, an idle thought. a whim without consequence or impact. It's spoken and gone in a second or less. It is a desire without application. or prayer.

A dream however is real. It has a godly goal and a righteous PLAN OF ACTION.. God-given dreams are the visions that guide our lives and motivate us to do what God has called us to do. Where there is no vision, the people perish... Heard that before. eh? People today are perishing without vision. An epidemic of violence engulfs our communities. Angry, hopeless, frustrated young men and women are robbing, killing and being killed , The legacy of slavery and discrimination has caused us to submit to the bondage of illiteracy, drunkenness and apathy.. Drugs flood the community , directly killing many and making others "walking dead". There is no dream, no vision.. thus the people perish.

A vision is a picture of what God wants to bring to pass in our lives, and what we must do to implement his plan. Vision is spiritual discernment. Those who have vision can discern his plan for the future and work toward that plan.

We have to think great thoughts. We have to, by faith, see some great visions, then walk, in faith, toward what we have seen. A dream given by God is inevitable and irresistable. If he starts a dream, please believe, he will finish it.

If you have a dream in life... Go for it.... If you have allowed people and circumstances to defer your dreams, stop it and start walking toward the goals that are in your heart. Don't listen to the playa hatas!! Go higher!! Strive and struggle to get to your goal!! I see you in the future and you look much better than you look right now... I see you meditating on the vision God has given you. I see you fulfilling the wonderful dream he has for your life. And there is no end to the blessings he has for you - now and forever!!! In 2006 Reach For it!!! It's Your Time!!!

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