Thursday, July 10, 2008

Regarding Jesse Jackson

In case you haven't heard by now, The Rev. Jesse Jackson was overheard dissing our man Senator Barack Obama. In a most incredulous moment of media ignorance, Rev. Jackson was preparing to be interviewed along with Reed Tuckson of the United Health Group on the Fox News Network. As they waited to go on, Rev. Jackson leaned over to Mr. Tuckson and said " Barack's been, uhh, talking down to black people, on this faith-based... I wanna cut his nuts off... Barack's been talking down to black people..."

Give me a BREAK!!! First of all, Rev. Jackson, this smacks of hateration.. Are you jealous because it's Barack and not you that has advanced to the precipice of the US Presidency?? I would think that as one of our elder statesmen of the Movement, you would encourage and counsel instead of playa-hate. I mean your accomplishments during the '84 campaign built the foundation for the prospect of a black President.

Second, you let your lips fly on the set of the Bill O'Reilly s show!!! Bill O'Reilly??!!! Dag, you know this was going to get out... But then again this is not the first time you attacked Barack as if he were a Bourgeois Negro... Last year, you said he was "acting white" because you did not agree with his reaction to the Jena Six action. Now, I have come to believe that there are blacks who are afraid of the blacks who hit the books and read and write well.. and so the defense mechanism that pops up is to accuse them of "acting white. I am certainly not accusing you of such, I'm just sayin'...

Rev. Jackson, please... don't hate, congratulate!!...

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