Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Strategic Inflection

The Country is at a time of strategic inflection. In business, this is defined as the point when an organization has to change it's corporate strategy to pursue a different direction in order to avoid the risk of decline or even obsolescence. Strategic Inflection is the period of change that affects the organization's competitive position within the marketplace. Strategic inflection concerns the organization's ability to adapt and overcome to major innovations within the marketplace. This Country is in a time of strategic inflection. Change must occur.

We are prosecuting a war that has no merit. I mean, I thought we were going after Osama Bin Laden? And what happened to the weapons of mass destruction? We have got to get out of Iraq. It's wrong.

The economy is running amok. Was the boom in real estate a mirage? I mean in the middle of the Republican years, people were buying homes at an all time high, but in the end, people are facing foreclosures at an all time high...

Healthcare is a major debacle in this country. So many people cannot afford the prescriptions. So many people cannot even gain access to adequate healthcare.

The educational system in this country is embarrassing. Even though, in most cases, this is a state problem, the federal government needs to support the states in more effective ways so that our schools have the resources to best educate our children.

This election season is more important than ever. And the African American community's vote is an essential catalyst in the electorate for change. We saw the elevation of Barack Obama to the democratic nomination for the President of the United States. Our voice was heard throughout the primaries.

And yet, we know that we can speak louder. In fact, if we look at recent history, we MUST speak louder so that we will have the best chance to overcome any shenanigans that may happen come election day. We have to push the people to vote. Yes, we must vote like we have never done before. Everybody must vote.. you me, brother sister male female, husband wife, uncle June Bug, Aunt Pep, Momma, Poppa, Bubba an'em... and even Man Man around the corner.....Everybody must get registered. Everybody must vote.

All the organizations of the community must organize and mobilize to get the people to the polls. In the black church, we've got to get buses, provide transportation to the polls, consistent, accurate election information and provide inspirational encouragement and even be poll centers - opening the doors of the church to the community as an agent for change. The black church must recognize that the time for Barack Obama is divinely ordered. We must be at the nucleus of this change.

For as we study Black American history, it is the black church that stands as a consistent, firm foundation upon which our liberation as black people in America stands.

Black Media must resume its legacy as the beacon of information for the community using it's unprecedented ability to make an emotional connection with the African American people. We must provide direct and accurate information, provide ready access to the necessary voting materials. Commit significant air and print space to the relevant issues at hand, providing a fair and balanced viewpoint so that the user/listeners/reader can decide. Our access to the airwaves and the power of the printed word will activate and support change in this country.

Trade organizations, Greek organizations, Business groups, HBCU's, social clubs.... Get Up, Get out and activate change by getting your people registered to the polls.

Vote for Change. Get up, Get Out, Get involved. This country is at a point of strategic inflection.

"We've got to take this country and change it. Turn it upside down, place the first last and the last first, not just for black people, but for all people!" Kathleen Cleaver, Black Panther Party

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