Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blagojevich: The Big Payback??? A fantastic speculation

I have been watching with keen interest the ongoing saga of Illinois Governor Blagojevich. He's being impeached because he put a price on the senate seat vacated by President Obama. Or did he? Did he actually offer the seat for sale or was he reacting to the frenzy that we all know occurred as people jockeyed for position, hoping to be appointed Senator. I know the transcripts show shady dealings but hey it's politics! I know he said that certain folks said they would put 5k down if chosen (er, uh at least the transcript indicates that "number 5"'s people went in with thier mind on the money and the money on their mind...)

Blago entertained the notion and spoke about it out loud where folk could hear him and that's why he's in trouble... But let's examine this a tad closer. Why him and why now??? I mean aren't politicians known to be in the smoke filled room dealing and wheeling? What made this so special?? Why was Blago carted off to jail in front of the entire country? And why did the arrest take place so soon after Mr.Obama's election win? Why was he taken by surprise by his arrest? Most politicians know what's coming don't they?

I really want to know what the inside scoop is on this story. Could it be that Blago hated on Barack Obama in the early days when Barack as an upstart Senator started announcing his dream to be President? Can't you imagine all the haters Barack encountered at the beginning? Even those he thought as friends. Even his closest allies... Perhaps only a few ever believed that he would be President of the United States. I bet even Michelle doubted him at first...

Picture Barack coming home one day and saying "baby, I'm going to run for President of the United States!"
"Yeah right silly" "but baby, really. I am going to run for President"
"You're serious" "yes, dear I am"
"but honey, you know they'll never elect a black man to the white house"
Barack looks deep into his wife's eyes, holds her in his arms and tells her, "girl just wait, I'm gonna put you up in the White House... I'm going to be the President and you, my sweet lady, will be the nation's first black first lady.... I can see it now... Aretha Franklin will sing at the inauguration, and we'll slow drag to "At last" by Etta James, but Beyonce is gonna sing it.... c'mon girl you know that's our song....!"
"oh boy, stop dreaming and eat your dinner"
"I'm telling you, Michelle, you know how I do it, I have the audacity to hope!"
and then her momma says "I told you that boy would lose his mind someday"

In his work arena, I bet there are folk who just tried everything they could to discourage, stop and sabotage Barack's run for the White House. I'm thinking Blago was a major playa hata from the start. I'm thinkng these guys have some uncomfortable relationship issues. I'm thinking the conversation kinda went like this:

"Hey Governor, I need your support, I'm running for President"
"Yeah, right.. You? President? Of what?"
"The United States."
"of what?"
"Of America"
"You think that America will actually elect someone like you to the White House? You people and this dream"
"Alright Rod, you just wait, I'm going to get into the White House and when I do, I'm going to blow the lid off all your dirt. Sneeze and you are going down..."
"Yeah right,bro, you're going to take me down... I'm Blago, I'm the Man in this state and you ain't going nowhere unless I say you go"
"Aiight Governor, keep talking stuff.... When I'm elected I'm coming.. matter of fact, when I'm elected I won't even have to come... one morning the authorities are just going to show up at your door BEFORE you get your jog on... They'll bring handcuffs, cameras and your constitutional rights and you'll be exposed to the nation - no, the world, for the sleaze you are.. Watch your back man because I AM going to be the President of the United States and you ARE going down"
"yeah right, I guess I shouldn't worry too much because you'll never be President... That part of the dream will never be realized"
"keep talking"

And so Barack Obama wins the election and within a week, five-o comes to visit the governor and carts him off to jail in a very public scene that is played out in front of a cadre of international media cameras...

Reap What You Sow... What goes around comes around.... Payback is a b****

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