Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lamentations of San Diego

So the San Diego Chargers lost to the New York Jets 17-14 in the AFC playoffs... Congrats to the Jets as they advance to the AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts... It's good to see USC's Mark Sanchez doing so well.... But I was pulling for the Chargers. I was born and raised in San Diego. Although for most of my adult life I have called Los Angeles my home, I have been in and around San Diego a lot over the last year. i just wanted to see San Diego get into that championship celebration mode all across the city...

We have never won a championship. All my life, the Chargers would get close, but never close the deal...I did not live in San Diego during the Fouts years,, but I watched and cheered from Los Angeles. I mean I loved my LA Raiders, but the hometown has a special place in my heart. But each time they would get close, but never close the deal. Oh yeah, they did make it to the Super Bowl one year, against the San Francsco 49ers.... but no deal. Matter of Fact, they were scorched 49-26.

 The Padres.... a little better with two World Series apperances, but no deal.

The various NBA teams (errr, they NEVER got close, they just lost..).. San Diego Clippers, Rockets - yes. the San Diego Rockets, San Diego Conquistadors.... all lessons in losing...

Since moving to Los Angeles, I have been in the City when my beloved Lakers won it all.... I was at the parade.... I've heard the fireworks and libations all around the City...  I remember when the Dodgers won it all.....Kirk Gibson's 1988 homerun at the bottom of a two-out ninth inning World Series game....this still resonates in my consciousness..... I remember the electricity gripping the City as our teams marched towards the finals and ultimate victory.... I just wanted to see San Diego get into that feeling....

But once again, it would not be....I really never recovered from the missed field goal that Nate Kaeding kicked in the wild card playoff game against the Jets a few years back....however, my soul was just ready to forgive him this season however as he went on a successful streak of 69 made field goals.... I admit I was happy he made the Pro Bowl this year..... but then he missed..... again..... three the most crucial game.... against the same team.. Familiar feeling for the City....

San Diego lamentations..... just can't close the deal....


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