Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Morning Contemplations

As millions did, I went to church today. I attend church every Sunday. So today was nothing out of the ordinary except that it was Easter. And needless to say, church was packed!! You know how it is on Easter Sunday. All those folk who never come to worship except for a Sunday just as this. Attendance is always to the rafters on Easter Sunday. And oh boy... the saints... my people... looking down their noses at those newcomers. Sniggling under their breath about how those folk are hypocritical.... how those folk turn service into a fashion show. Their new outfits. Their extreme couture.... The essence of church fashion is intensified on Easter Sunday. But why do we point and criticize? why do we care if those folk come on Easter? Why interrupt our contemplation of this most sacred observance to roll our eyes at those who are visiting today? Why is it a problem for us? Sure. those folk could be here on other days. Sure they didnt have to come just today. But the point is that they came. As we consider the Last Supper, didnt Jesus leave final instruction to love one another? Why dont we take an opportunity to show love. Isnt the lesson learned today concerning Jesus sacrificing his life for our sins? If so, then these visitors have had their sins forgiven just like we have. They cannot be judged. Nor should they be. They should be given more reason to come back more often. They should feel that they too are part of the church family.                                                                                                                                                            Now, as I drive around the city after church I cant help but notice the hundreds of souls who did not make it to worship.  I see and hear those who did not hear the good news. I see the lost. the hurt, the sick. What of them? Do we look down on them too? Or do we take the example of Jesus and express love to them. Do we share the news of the resurrection with those who seemingly have not heard it? To not do so is to disobey Jesus final instructions before He submitted himself to the agony of the Crucifixion and the glory of Resurrection.  If we are to follow the instruction of Jesus.... if we are to understand the notion of this holy time.... if we call ourselves Christians, then this holiday, is an opportunity to love those who are new to the word.... to minister to the lost..... to lift up those who have lost hope... those who are sick (by His stripes we are healed).... it is not the time to criticize.... because wasnt it criticism and hateration that got Jesus nailed to the cross in the first place?

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