Thursday, February 16, 2006

Man with a Gun

Ok, is it me or do you feel that Dick Cheney, the sitting Vice President of these United States should be charged for shooting his friend? I mean, I am shocked and appalled that they rushed to declare the shooting an accident. Then they indicated that the victim was getting better, but then his condition worsened. That felt to me like they were trying to cover the seriousness of the situation. Make it like it was a minor accident...but the guy was in intensive care!!! That's serious! omigod!! The spin doctors have been busy!! The incident has made plenty of fodder for comedians, but seriously, this is not a laughing matter.

If you or I were in the same situation, we would be under extreme police scrutiny. Why isn't Cheney? If it were you or I, the news reports would say an investigation is underway to determine if the shooting was an accident. They declared it an accident almost immediately. We find that alcohol was involved. Although he says he only had one beer during lunch.. we don't know that and who's going to go against him? He should not have had any beers while dealing with firearms. And what about firearm safety. Here is one of the biggest proponents of the right to bear arms, and he goes out and has an irresponsible "accident" after drinking beer...

Cheney was interviewed by Fox last night and I have to repeat my assessment of him... This is a cold dude... heartless... I mean he is showing no remorse for the accident. Even though he takes full responsibility(that's the spin), he's not showing remorse. His friend is close to death and he's acting so high and mighty like he is above the law... His biggest complaint was that the White House Press Corps was angry because they did not get the story, the Corpus Christi Times got it first... SO WHAT!!! You're friend is dying and you're worried about some press people!! Or maybe you are angry, because the story broke before you had a chance to spin it.... No chance to meet with your cronies and concoct another fabrication for the gullible public. Of course, he is part of that elite class that so far, is above the law...

He got a warning from regulatory authorities. What a CROCK!!! Even if it is an accident, if that were me or you, we would have gotten a major fine and been under investigation for the filing of criminal charges. Plus he did not have the proper hunting license.. that's a major infraction right there!! I wonder if his weapon was properly registered. A Warning!! Charge that rich fool!! He should be charged with some sort of negligence....unsafe operation of a firearm while under the influence of alcohol... In these violent times, he must face charges... Just like the gangbanger on the streets of Los Angeles would face weapons charges, he should face the same...

And, what if his friend (heaven forbid) dies from his wounds or is permanently maimed or otherwise disabled as a result of this accident... What then.. Are you going to slap him on the wrist and let him go? What kind of example does that set for the country.... ? What happens when the same situation happens in the inner city? Men playing with guns, one accidently shoots another.. hmmmmm.. attempted murder? Negligent assault? Assault with a deadly weapon? Weapons charges?

What it proves to me that once again, the laws of this country are selectively applied.... Dick Cheney should be under more duress than a slap on the wrist. His actions during his hunting trip were irresponsible, a threat to public safety and could have gotten someone killed.

We are a country of laws... Let Justice speak!

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