Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Against Gay Marriage. Why does that make me a bigot?

ok. I have been working and working on my tolerance. I am solidly heterosexual and being a man of the community and most importantly, a man of God, I have realized that the gay and lesbian community is a potent segment of the population and that they have just as much right to live among us as I do. I refrain from the gay jokes and slurs. I have come to learn that certain terms we used in the past to describe gays are hurtful. But at the end of the day, I do not consume my thinking about how I will treat or consider the homosexual. I just am not thinking about it that much.
That said, as a solidly heterosexual man, I do not have any interest in the gay lifestyle. Actually, I am among those who believe it is morally wrong. That said, I cannot judge. Those that quote scrupture when debating the morality of homosexuality often quote Romans 1:26-27 which quite vividly describes homosexuality as a result of sinful and dishonorable lifestyles. However; if one reads the earlier verses starting particularly at verse 18, they would see that this scripture also describes how EVERYBODY is GUILTY of dishonoring him. Idolators, the greedy, the dishonest, the wicked. Once people gave up on God according to this scripture, they were given up to thier own desires says the Bible. Homosexuality is one of the products of this...... My people who quote this scripture, however; do not connect the dots of this scripture with Romans 2:1 which says When you judge others, you condemn yourselves. It is for this reason that I cannot judge.

Now, as a man, I cannot prescribe to the homosexual lifestyle. I cannot judge. I will not judge. I have worked and prayed on this for me especially since in my industry there are so many homosexual people doing business, sometimes even people who I have to get business from. And so I have to work on my personal feelings and judgements. I have to work on my tolerance. But in my innermost being... I ain't wit it!!!!

With the election of 2008, an issue that is very prominent is Proposition 8. This measure begged the question as to whether the State of California should prohibit same sex marriage. A yes vote would suport the prohibition and no would support gay rights. There was much advertising about this issue. Alice Huffman, President of the California NAACP voiced the spots that urged people to vote no on 8. She said we must stop discrimination at all costs. Those who would have you vote yes, built thier case on fear, suggesting that the education system is already teaching same sex marriage in our schools. The proposition was a no brainer to me. I voted yes. Prohibit this action. The law passed and now California prohibits gay marriage. This passage has sent hundreds of thousands of gay people to the streets in protest. I have been called a bigot, discriminatory, prejudiced.

I don't want to be any of those things. I want to love everybody even my gay brothers and sisters. But I cannot agree and there is really nothing you can tell me that will make me say that the homosexual lifestyle is right. And so you gotta reason that if I don;t agree with the homosexual lifestyle you KNOW I am not in agreement with gay marriage. MARRIAGE!!???
But again, I cannot judge. And so I say... Do what you do. Who you sleep with and how y'all sleep together is really none of my business. If that makes you happy and content in life then by all means go for it. I won't judge you for it is up to the Most High to tell you if this is right in his eyes. That said, don't ask me the question on a ballot. Don't ask me to vote on it - I am voting against it every time.

Now that I have cast my vote and made my opinion clear.. I also realize that this is a hard choice. I feel for the gay people who have lived together for years and years, as if they were married. One of them gets gravely ill or one of life's mishaps comes upon them. Then the mate cannot make arrangements, they cannot support in the traditional way that a mate has to support. If, God forbid, one of them passes away then some distant cousin gets more rights to the estate or the hard tasks of final disposition than does that person who shared thier life with thier loved one. I mean this is a hard place to be in... and I just don't have the answer.

I do know that, this is not a civil rights issue. I take offence when the gay folk parallel the homosexual experience in America with the Civil Rights movement in America. For the simple fact that the gay person can hide who they are... I nor my forefathers can hide the color of thier skin.... The question of gay rights and particularly gay marriage is a moral issue.

No, I don't agree with the gay lifestyle. But I am not thinking about them enough to be called a bigot. My spirituality and moral values I try to live by do not condone homosexuality. But those same tenets do not allow me to judge. It is that same compassion within those spiritual and moral tenets that provoke me to consider the dilemma those gay and lesbian human beings are in when they have spent a lifetime together but cannot manage final disposition or make decisions when illness strikes. I just don't know what to say about that. It is an unfortunate situation.

At the end of the day, if you ask me to vote on it..... I''m going to vote against it everytime.


Anonymous said...

I'm for the same sex and I'm not. The bible say we souldn't, and I believe that we're not to marry that same sex. Yes... I have messed around with the same sex before and all that is agaisnt the bible. No I don't follow every word in the bible. But yes I am agaist same sex marriage due to the fact I don't won't them teaching my child about it in school.

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