Saturday, November 22, 2008

A reflection of self

Today, I was on LA's Skid Row.
It is the rock bottom of LA.. the underbelly.
I was there as the radio station participated in a mass thanksgiving feeding. We fed over four thousand people in front of the Union Rescue Mission does. It is an awesome experience. Because I have to bring the setup, we were on site at 5:30 am. That time of night when elements of humanity were completing thier overnight ravages... There were boxes, poor people, prostitutes, druggies, shady characters, people sleeping in boxes, tents, and some folk did not have any shelter at all they just had the cold concrete and a blanket.

As I took the scene in, I could not help but think how close I could be to their situation. It is a very real possibility especially in these days and time. I could lose my place. I could lose my job. I could get ill and be unable to work. Anything could lead me to skid row.

In the end, I just thank God for the blessing of a sound mind. A Roof over my head. A job - no, a career. I remember and acknowledge. It could be me out there....

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