Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Going Postal..... woman rails racial epithets at mailman....

Have you seen this story? Out in Hingham, Mass., a woman goes postal on her mailman. Seems that the brotha delivered one of those certified letters, which she signed for and then decided that she did not want it. She implores the postal worker to take the letter back, which he says he cannot and the lady launches into a tirade full of calling the man a nigger and accusing black folk of killing Dr. Martin Luther King.... She even slaps the patookas out of the man.... yes, she slaps him! Thing is, the mailman is videotaping the entire episode....

Sad. right? Ultimately, the mailman gets fired behind the incident and is now seeking public support as he feels he has been wronged.... That is a travesty and something that needs to be looked into and dealt with.

For me, though, it is the content of the woman's tirade that has me thinking. In particular, she says at approx. 1:09 of part two that causes pause. Some of what this woman spews should be a wake up call with how we are perceived in the world. She says we "turn on each other".... true. She says it's sad.... true. But at 1:09 of part two, she says "black women are against black men.. because they've been exploited. They're with the white people...." WOW!!!

This is the perception of America.... indeed the world....

With the release of "For Colored Girls", Tyler Perry's screen adaptation of Ntozake Shange's award winning Choreo-poem play, we have seen sistas engage in discussion of the evils of the black man. Every where we look in these days and times, the black man is to be feared, distrusted, and otherwise discarded. And here, in the small mind of a prejudiced (although she says she is not prejudiced) old woman, one of the claims she makes is that black women are against the black man. And upon review of popular culture, discussion and analysis of modern black life in America, one may agree wholeheartedly.

Black male/female relationships are paramount to the elevation of our culture in America. We sit around and wonder how immigrants can enter the United States and make such great strides while we, a people who built this great nation, still scrounge for crumbs. But upon closer examination, one will note that the common denominator to success in America for other cultures is the preservation of male/female relationships. The family is the root to the elevation of cultures in America.

But in Black America, the intact family is almost non-existent. The issue of marriage is becoming an obsolete proposition. Sistas are angry. Sistas are fed up. Sistas hold almost unreasonable expectations of what the brotha needs to be. At the same time, brothas don't honor the woman. They do not respect the sista. Why?

Sistas are so angry that one can view the displeasure on their faces in public. A trip to the grocery store will sometimes generate looks of disdain from women you don't even know... sometimes, we that are innocent have to pay the price for the wrong that some guy extended to the sista.... And then again, sistas want the thug... a roughneck. However when the thug acts like a thug and disses them, then they wanna complain.

In the end, we have to do better. Is the black man the bane of America? even more than we historically have been portrayed? White America no longer needs to create this mistrust of the black man - we are perpetuating this image through our own owned and operated media. We are perpetuating the negative image of the black male through our music, our movies and even our television shows. The brotha is still the enemy.

And without solid black male/female relationships, the father is not in the home... teaching the young man how to be a respectable black man. And thus the evil image is perpetuated through generation to generation. White America and indeed the world sees this. And even the smallest minded American citizen, in a tirade of racial epithets can still make the distinction that, Black Women are with the White People........

Even with a Black man in the Presidency of these United States, true liberation is still far from our grasp.

Our culture has gone postal.

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