Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Adverse economic times: Choose life!

"Today, I'm giving you a choice. You can choose life and success or death and
disaster...Deuteronomy 30:15

If I may wax spiritual for you today:I'm sure you've heard the story of the Lupoe family in the City of Wilmington. After getting laid off from Kaiser Permanente, Ervin Lupoe shot and killed his wife and their 5 children. In a note faxed to a TV station, he said he and his wife planned thekillings as an escape for the whole family. According to published reports, for California, this was the fifth mass suicide or murder in a year. People are just giving up in these tough economic times.This instance troubled me deeply. I know that times are hard and sometimes it looks pretty bleak out there, but I don't think it is worth your life. Your wife's life, and the children??? No, not the children... This is a man who saw no way out. A tragedy.

Layoffs, Closings, Foreclosures, Evictions, so much is going on in this country.The previous ways of our institutions have led us down a path of hardship.People are suffering.... But by what authority does this man and his wife kill their children? By what authority does this man kill his wife?? Why did he choose death for himself and his???

Please, brothers and sisters... be encouraged during this season. I'm asking you to trust the Lord God with all your heart that he will help us. As we go through these troubled times, stay up. Keep your joy. Love One Another. Don't cheat yourself and God by resorting to drastic measures to help you cope.. or not cope...

Some of us are blessed to still have a job even in the face of a depressed economy, but we see the destruction of lay-offs all around us... It's a stressful time... But we cannot allow depression and fear consume our being...

Some of us have been laid off, victims of the economic crisis. It's a critical time... Don't allow desperation take over...I know it looks bad, my brothers and sisters, but, I saybe encouraged.

There's someone that's watched the bank take over their home....There's another who's been locked out because they could not pay the rent...Nonetheless, be encouraged, because we have hope. The Bible says in Romans 12:12 that we should be

"rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing constant in prayer.."

We have hope we can see, because we went to the polls and made our voice heard... We wanted change... And so, through the leadership of President Barack Obama, we have hope that the nation can turn around.
Things will get better...
Yes We Can!

We have hope, because we are children of the Most High and trust that He will protect and keep us...While the government does what it will to revamp the economy, those of us who are connected to the Almighty look to his Word for guidance... and the Bible says that we should choose life so that He may move and bless us.

And so, people of the Lord, I would ask, if you will, to lift your inner voice towards God and pray for protection in this time of lack. Pray for restoral of jobs. Lord protect us..Deliver us...Make a way out of no way... Lord we choose to follow your Word and strive to live... even in the face of adversity... we encourage your people who in the face of foreclosure..choose life!!
The eviction is near... brothers and sisters - choose life!
Got laid off...Choose life!!
Don't give up! never surrender! Keep walking. Keep talking, keep striving... keep praying... Keep loving the Lord... and as Jesus said, Love One Another...

because I believe that God is not done with us yet!!!


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