Friday, December 04, 2009

Is Church Relevant?

My friend Pastor Mark Whitlock posted a question on his facebook which asked if Christian Sermons were relevant to the issues today's communities. I found this to be an interesting question and posted an opinion on his site and decided to repost here as a blog... I do this because even as I go to church regularly, I too have contemplated this question especially as I watch so many television ministers.... so much show business inside of church... I watch the gospel music scene as it presents a contradicting message especially to young people..... I watch the issues of our community such as housing, employment, drug abuse and recovery, domestic violence, education and see that these are all issues that need the church's input, guidance and participation.

Some sermons and ministries are not relevant. And it's because that sometimes, we are so heavenly bound, we're no earthly good.... Sometimes we get so caught up in the ceremony of church, we forget that the purpose of our coming together as Christians is to save souls and love one another. how can we show love in today's world if we are caught up in spiritual cliche's and catchy rhetoric.

Some church's are relevant. Their leadership is progressive and aware of what the believers are faced with in today's world.

I like a church of action. Action in the community. One with footsoldiers out there fighting the maladies of the city with holistic and socially empowering information. The church that says Yes, we want to save you and share the Good News, but we are also a resource with real and palatable information on what you can do to lift yourself up. Come my brother! Come my sister! the church stands as a "beacon of hope" to improve our communities and serve where the underserved can be found. The church should promote self determination and education. The church organization should have a passion for community development.

The Church must be a center of consciousness for the believer in a world of confusion, strife and corruption. The lifestyle of the righteous man or woman is rooted in the church experience. The fellowship with other believers, the activities and ministries within the church, the access to study of the Word of God. so with this close relationship, the believer should be able to hear wisdom and gain spiritual insight to today's problems.

I like the preacher who can relate a message about today's life's experiences with spiritual guidance in the Word. The church that can help me align my social folkways and mores to what God would have them be. A church that helps me find the abundant life in my soul...A holistic experience that heals me, encourages me, informs me, and keeps me centered.

I like a church that can feel me like I feel it....

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